SUBMERGED: Post-apocalyptic researching

TL;DR SUBMERGED is a research project done for my Bachelors' but still on-going. It is a diptych of an interactive narrative GEO-location game and a workshop board game about the destruction of Amsterdam.  PARTNERS/CLIENTS Gabriele FerriHvA (AUSAS) and the Research Group 'Play & Civic Media'.

During an internship in 2016, I worked at the lectoraat of Play and Civic Media with researcher Gabriele Ferri on the concept of SUBMERGED. First starting with an Urban Explorationmoodboards and persona’s I collected enough data to start on a narrative with as goal to collect insights in what people think about the future of Amsterdam.

Using software developed by the HvA I created an interactive narrative that leads players through Amsterdam.  SUBMERGED is an experimental research project, aiming at collecting qualitative data about speculative scenarios on the future of civic technologies and urban practices.

With SUBMERGED I have done several workshops, together with Ferri as well as individual and continue this line of research.

SUBMERGED can be found here on Researchgate, 

Had a poster presentation at ISAGA 2017,

was written about by FOLIA,

& mentioned in ‘Killer Robots or Self-Driving Cars? Geolocalized Games as Design Fiction’ (Ferri, Gabriele & Korte, Genèviéve & Schouten, Ben. (2017).).

More information can be found on the Submerged website.


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