Quick! I have no time, who are you?

Genèviéve Korte! & you can reach me by emailing 




What is it that you DO?! 

Make things, write things, explain things, teach things, research things, lead things, draw things, dream about utopias and dystopias. 


I like to call myself a crossmedial storyteller. 

So what are you… useful for?

Idea generation, working in design projects, project lead, giving workshops, teaching but mostly if you need a hell of an idea I’m your woman. Need a game? here I am! Write a story? Pick me! Do research? it is me you’re looking for! 

Why should I contact you and not someone else?

First of all: I am a delight. Secondly, talking never hurt. If your idea, business or project and I are a match we are going to have a great time. Look around on my website, peek on my LinkedIn and if you’re curious. Contact me!

People usually remember that they can’t pronounce my name, that my hair is an outlandish color and that I seem to be dedicated to what it is I am doing at that moment.

A long time ago in a galaxy far away I studied computer sciences but the choice was made that I loved technology too much to start hating it on a daily basis. My path changed to a more artistic road and I did a Graphic Design course in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Here I specialized in ‘Art & Design’ broadening my skills and knowledge in different materials and styles.

With a degree for Graphic Design and art in my hand I chose to continue studying. I made the choice to study Media, Information and Communication at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Here I specialized in Journalism and Online media strategies. During this bachelor program I did the minor ‘applied game design’ as this had been one of my passions from childhood and it allowed me to tell stories to people in a new way; through play. 

After finishing the minor I found myself doing an internship at the Lectoraat Play and Civic Media where I worked on a geo-location game for which I wrote the texts and did research with colleagues on the future of Amsterdam. My graduation project was also done at the Lectoraat and I made a board game for research; focusing on how news and media influences us and our view on the future. After graduating cum laude I was accepted at the HBO Master of Digital Design where I I got my Masters degree in Digital Media. 

I believe that with hard work and determination everything is possible.